Employees of Sidharth Enterprises

Employees name
1 Abani mohan Sanyal Proprietor Bhubaneswar
2 Aparna Kar Accounts Bhubaneswar
3 Sarat kumar Sahoo Administration Bhubaneswar
4 Soumya kanta biswamohan Baral Sr.technician Bhubaneswar
5 Aswini Dash Technician Lanjigarh
6 Saroj Mohapatra Technician Bhubaneswar
7 Debendra majhi Technician Bhubaneswar
8 Parkas Samantaray Technician Bhubaneswar
9 Alok ranjan Ojha Technician Bhubaneswar
10 Tapan kumar Nanda Technician Bhubaneswar

Employee values:

Honesty & Integrity:

Our individual and business relationships are governed by the highest standards of honesty and integrity. People at all levels adhere to the code of conduct and the highest standards of business ethics, as we believe in conducting our business with uncompromising integrity.

Respect & Dignity:

We respect our clients, recognize that they have different needs and continuously strive towards satisfying those needs by improving the quality of our solutions and services. We trust and respect our people and recognize their contributions to the company.

Team Spirit & Camaraderie:

We believe that focus on Team Work is our competitive advantage. Teams act as catalysts for successful achievement of the organizational goals. Individuals are encouraged to interact with all levels of management, freely share their ideas and suggestions and work together as a cohesive unit.